Incorporation & company secretary

Corporate Management Services
The incorporation & company secretarial services of HKWJ Tax Law & Partners Limited are carried out by its sister company Triple Eight Limited (TEL). TEL can assist clients with comprehensive corporate management services, including but not limited to, company incorporation, bank account opening assistance, corporate director and company secretary assistance. In summary:

  • Incorporation/Registration of Hong Kong and offshore companies, including sole proprietorship, partnership and representative office, and assistance with legal structures. For general requirements and procedures of incorporation a company in Hong Kong, please click here.
  • Provision of company secretary, correspondence address, fax line and telephone line
  • Provision of registered office and registered agent for companies
  • Filing of annual return and attending to all statutory documents as required under the Companies Ordinance of Hong Kong
  • Filing and advising of changes in the corporate structure
  • Provision of corporate and individual directors
  • Provision of nominee shareholders
  • Provision of business registration search in Hong Kong
  • Opening of bank accounts with local banks
  • Organising and witnessing required meetings of directors and
    shareholders, including preparation of minutes
  • Establishment and maintenance of statutory records
  • Advising and assisting in dissolution, insolvency, liquidation and the related matters

Please click here for FAQ regarding corporate management services.

Company (De)registration Services

(A) Company registration/incorporation

Establishing a company in Hong Kong is not complicated when compared to other jurisdictions. Nevertheless, TEL can provide the relevant assistance in order to have a smooth and quick set up of a Hong Kong company, which can be less than a week.

In addition to registration services, TEL can provide corporate management services, including but are not limited to the following:

  • corporate bank account opening
  • company secretarial services including provision of a registered business address
  • directorship services

Apart from Hong Kong, TEL can also provide company registration/incorporation services and corporate management services in foreign jurisdictions.

(B) Company deregistration

It is required for a Hong Kong company to go through certain procedures, such as obtaining a Notice of No Objection to a Company being Deregistered from the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department (IRD), before it can be formally deregistered. TEL can provide the relevant supports with a view to have the company to be deregistered within the shortest time.

We together with TEL can assist in the following:

  • preparing the audited financial statements and profits tax filing for all the required years (usually up to the date of cessation of business) and submitting them to the IRD;
  • applying and obtaining a Notice of No Objection to a Company being Deregistered with the IRD;
  • handling the tax enquiries raised by the IRD, if any;
  • preparing the relevant resolutions and required forms for submission to the Hong Kong Companies Registry for applying for deregistration; and
  • following up closely with the IRD and the Hong Kong Companies Registry with a view to expedite the process.

Visa Services

We understand that a lot of issues are required to be solved for relocation to a new jurisdiction. We can give a hand by assisting in applying and extending a visa, including investment visa, work/employment visa, resident visa and dependent visa, in Hong Kong, Mainland China and other jurisdictions.

TEL can provide tailor-made services with a view to obtain the required visa for clients in the most efficient and effective manner. In particular, based on the fruitful experience and knowledge, TEL shall provide the relevant favourable information and documents to the competent government authorities in order to mitigate the chance of follow-up enquiries or rejection of the application. TEL will also follow up proactively with the government authorities with a hope that the visa can be obtained as early as possible.

Business Fraud Reporting Services

As one may be aware, there have been more and more local/cross-border business frauds in the world. It has been seen that individuals/corporations have been persuaded by fraudsters (through a fake company and/or website) to contribute money for making ‘investments’ or buy ‘things’ through the Internet or other means, which resulted into significant loss of money.

With a view to recover the loss incurred by the victims potentially and fight against the crime, we provide the following services:

  • conduct the information and document review and perform a preliminary analysis on whether there is a business fraud involved; and
  • assist with reporting the potential business fraud to the Hong Kong Police with a hope that the fraud transactions concerned can be suspended/the bank account of the fraudsters can be frozen.

TEL can assist with the enrollment of Hong Kong’s Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) and corporate support with regards to employees. In summary:

  • Assisting with enrollment in MPF and referral of service providers Assisting in drafting of Hong Kong employment contracts and termination notices
  • Consultation on labour law in Hong Kong
  • Filing of Employer’s Return with IRD
  • Application of employment visa

Other Services
TEL can assist with the application for different types of visas and other relevant services for businesses. In summary:

  • Application of Golden visas
  • Application of investment visas and capital investment visas
  • Application for trademarks and patents
  • Provision of re-export certification
  • Arranging for notarisation of documents
  • Advising on inbound and outbound investment
  • Assisting with setting up of Will and Trust
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We all know that the duty to pay tax will always be there. As Hong Kong and Mainland China are emerging markets, sophisticated tax advice in Hong Kong and Mainland China has become increasingly in demand with a view to mitigate the (corporate) income tax within corporate and individual structures.

Further, as a result of pressure from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (`OECD`), most jurisdictions, including Hong Kong and Mainland China, have decided that Exchange of Information should be part of their tax legal system.

The tax system in Hong Kong is simple but not straight forward. HKWJ Tax Law & Partners Limited’s international/Hong Kong tax consultants are here to assist you with finding the right tax solution for you personally and your companies by means of offering Mainland China and Hong Kong tax consultancies’ services including international tax consultancy services. Our international/Hong Kong tax consultants are also specialised in providing other tax services, such as resolving tax disputes between the Mainland China/Hong Kong tax department (Hong Kong tax office) and clients. In Hong Kong, apart from Hong Kong tax services in respect of consultancy and compliance, we are here to assist you also with your accounting issues and carry out process agent services at the same time.

Please feel free to contact us if our tax advice in Hong Kong and Mainland China and/or internationally is required! Our international/Hong Kong tax consultants, including a tax lawyer and a senior Hong Kong tax consultant are looking forward to solve your problems!

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