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Governments and tax authorities around the world have noticed the astronomic profits made by trading in crypto. Therefore, they are setting up frameworks to implement crypto taxation.

The regulations around cryptocurrency taxation differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, they are complex and constantly changing.

What makes crypto taxation complicated?

Your time is valuable. Do you want to spend it on your cryptocurrency investments or trying to research and understand the tax law?

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In the meantime, you can keep your focus on trading, mining and investing in cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

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Companies that generate revenue in cryptocurrencies record it like any other income generated in fiat money. The applicable exchange rates are readily available online. Depending on the jurisdiction, different tax treatments may apply.

Salary payments in crypto, if allowed in the relevant jurisdiction, must be declared and accounted for. Some jurisdictions may not allow salary payments in foreign currency, so crypto may not be acceptable.

In jurisdictions where cryptocurrencies are taxed as capital gains, a crypto trade is a taxable event. If you trade one cryptocurrency for another, any gains should be reported in fiat money on your tax return.

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