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We all know that the duty to pay tax will always be there. As Hong Kong and Mainland China are emerging markets, sophisticated tax advice in Asia has become increasingly in demand with a view to mitigate the (corporate) income tax in Hong Kong and elsewhere.

Further, as a result of recent pressure from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (`OECD`), most jurisdictions, including Hong Kong and Mainland China, have decided that Exchange of Information should be part of their tax legal system.

The tax system in Hong Kong is simple but not straight forward. HKWJ Tax Law & Partners Limited is here to assist you with finding the right tax solution for you personally and your companies by means of offering Mainland China and Hong Kong tax services including international tax services. We are also specialised in resolving tax disputes between the Mainland China/Hong Kong tax department (Hong Kong tax office) and clients. In Hong Kong, apart from Hong Kong taxation, we are here to assist you also with your accounting issues and carry out process agent services at the same time.

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Mainland China Individual Income Tax Reform

13 November 2018

(A) Introduction The Individual Income Tax Law (‘IIT Law’) of Mainland China was introduced in 1980 and has been amended 6 times since. On 31 August 2018, the Draft Amendment IIT Law, which was released for public feedback on 29 June 2018, was approved by the National People’s Congress (‘NPC’) of the People’s Republic of… read more

Individual Tax Implications on Share-based Benefits in Hong Kong

28 August 2018

Introduction Employers that would like their employees to stay with the company for a long time and/or want their employees to achieve certain performance targets, may offer those employees (conditional) shared-based benefits, such as share options and share awards. One has to be well aware that such share-based benefits are generally regarded by the Hong… read more

Will your investments benefit from Mainland China’s new rule on “beneficial ownership”?

2 August 2018

Introduction In order to improve the implementation of double tax treaties between Mainland China and other tax jurisdictions, the State Administration of Taxation of Mainland China (“SAT”) released in February 2018 a Public Notice [2018] No. 9 (“Public Notice 9”), providing further and clearer guidelines/rules in assessing the beneficial ownership (“BO”) status for the purpose… read more

Tax Disputes with the Hong Kong Tax Department

11 July 2018

Introduction The tax system in Hong Kong is simple but not straight forward. In Hong Kong where the territorial source system is adopted, one of the most controversial tax issues is whether or not an income is arising in or derived from Hong Kong (i.e. sourced in Hong Kong) and hence subject to Hong Kong… read more

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