hong kong government budget - HKWJ Tax Law

Hong Kong 2018-2019 Budget

On 28 February 2018, the Financial Secretary of Hong Kong announced the Budget for the fiscal year 2018-19. It is estimated in the Budget that there will be a surplus of HKD 138 billion in the fiscal year 2017-18, which is HKD 121.7 billion more than the original estimation of HKD 16.3 billion made in […]

hong kong government budget - HKWJ Tax Law

Hong Kong 2016-17 Budget

On 24 February 2016, the Financial Secretary of Hong Kong, Mr. John Tsang Chun-wah, delivered his 9th budget speech for the fiscal year 2016-17. As highlighted by Mr. Tsang at the beginning of his speech, amid the commencement of increment of interest rate by the US Federal Reserve Board, the maintenance of quantitative easing policies […]

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Housing Benefits & Allowance in Hong Kong

Housing benefits received by directors/employees from employers or the employers’ affiliated corporations are generally subject to salaries tax in Hong Kong unless an offshore/exemption claim on their directors’ fees/employment income can be satisfied. However, the salaries tax can be potentially mitigated in most circumstances in case the housing benefits are provided in the form of […]