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financial due diligence

Financial due diligence in an M&A transaction

Due diligence is the best way to assess the value of a business, the associated risks and whether the transaction is viable when a company is considering an M&A transaction. There are several types of due diligence, the most commonly known being financial and legal due diligence. Legal due diligence reviews licenses, contracts, warranties and […]

apostille notarisation certified true copy

Notarisation, Apostille & Legalisation

The terms “notarisation” and “apostille” are widely discussed amongst professionals, legal practitioners and the general public. However, do you really know what these terms mean? What sort of documents can be notarised and apostilled? And what is the process for notarisation and apostille? Besides, what does the term “legalisation” mean and what is the process […]

significant controller register - HKWJ Tax Law

Significant Controller Register in Hong Kong

Every company in Hong Kong, except for listed companies, needs to have a so-called ‘Significant Controller Register’ in place that will identify the beneficial owner(s) of a Hong Kong company. This is a rule that was introduced in Hong Kong as per 1 March 2018 through the Companies (Amendment) Ordinance 2018. Why a Modernization of […]