Articles of Association & Shareholder Agreements

Until the 2nd of March 2014, section 4 of the previous Hong Kong Companies Ordinance Cap. 32 (‘Cap.32’) required every company incorporation in Hong Kong to have a signed Memorandum of Association (the ‘Memorandum’), whereas section 9 of Cap. 32 allowed a company limited by shares (e.g. a limited company) to register together with its […]

Phishing Emails & Hackings Protection

There have been a recent increase in the number of fraudulent emails also called phishing emails. A fraudulent email is a method used by the hackers/fraudsters to lure you into providing your personal information/account data and transferring monies into a fraudulent account. The on of the most common types of frauds are fraudulent email schemes. […]

Common Types of Investment & Securities Fraud

With the technological advancement and roll out of internet and electronic remote messaging came along new fraudulent scams and investment frauds different from traditional schemes. Thanks to mobile and online applications as well as social media platforms fraudsters have ever since been using these methods to lure people into fraud. Due to the ongoing COVID-19, […]

Licensing of Trust & Company Service Providers in Hong Kong

Recently, the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau (“FSTB”), a governmental department in Hong Kong, issued a public consultation document on Enhancing Anti-Money Laundering Regulation of Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professions (“DNFBP’s”) and in particular for the Trust & Company Service Providers (“TCSP’s”) in Hong Kong. The FSTB basically proposes to introduce a licensing regime […]

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