Tax Demand Note

A tax demand note is a tax assessment issued by the Inland Revenue Department (“IRD”) to any person who is chargeable to tax under the Inland Revenue Ordinance (“IRO”). Upon receipt of a tax demand note from the IRD, one should carefully review the information contained therein. Neglection of a tax demand note may lead […]

partial offshore tax claim HKWJ Tax Law

Partial Offshore Tax Status in Hong Kong

Hong Kong adopts the territorial source system whereby only income arising in or derived from Hong Kong (referred as ‘onshore income’) is subject to profits tax pursuant to the general charging rule of Section 14(1) of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. In other words, income which is sourced outside Hong Kong (referred as ‘offshore income’) is […]


Withholding Tax in Hong Kong

Withholding tax generally refers to income tax paid to the government by the payer of the income instead of the recipient of the income. As implied by its name, the tax is withheld or deducted from the payment made to the recipient. Which Payments are Subject to Withholding Tax in Hong Kong? Royalty / licence fee made to a non-Hong Kong resident for […]


Two-Tiered Profits Tax Rates in Hong Kong

Recently, a new main feature of the Hong Kong has system has been introduced. It is a tax incentive called the two-tiered profits tax rates. The two-tiered profits tax rates regime applies to corporations and unincorporated businesses (i.e. sole proprietorship and partnership businesses) by lowering the tax rates for the first HKD 2 million of […]