December 2020

Advance Rulings in Hong Kong

Why you may want Advance Rulings on Tax?   Advance rulings on tax, a kind of tax insurance, help to reduce the tax risks companies may face. This, as for most investors and their management, potential tax liabilities and tax risks that may arise within the company remains a concern when conducting their businesses. As… read more

Business Registration in Hong Kong

When incorporating a Hong Kong company or registering a branch, one should take note of the so-called ‘BR Fee’ upon a business registration in Hong Kong. The BR Fee is a fee payable to the Inland Revenue Department of Hong Kong and either relates to a governmental fee for registering a business or a branch… read more

Digital Taxation

A Global New Tax for Digital Economy   The Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (“OECD”) is currently working on a new digital taxation proposal to further address the Base Erosion and Profits Shifting (“BEPS”) project, which is also commonly known as “BEPS 2.0”.  BEPS 2.0 has two components, namely Pillar One and Pillar Two…. read more

Happy Holidays

HKWJ Tax Law & Partners Limited and Triple Eight wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year! Click here to see our happy holidays card. Get in touch with us on [email protected] or  + (852) 2804 0889 /  + (852) 5110 3944.      

Tax Health Check – Are You Tax Ready?

HKWJ Tax Law & Partners Limited offers a tax health check to all its new potential clients. Upon engaging us, we will set-out in a memo, which is based on the information you provide to us about yourself or your company, the potential tax issues you or your company will be facing and the potential… read more


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