February 2021

Retirement in Thailand

When thinking about retiring, many Dutch nationals think about retirement to Thailand or some other exotic country to enjoy their golden years. This may incur in some issue with the Dutch tax authorities. Is retirement to these jurisdictions possible or even beneficial?   Dutch Retirement Pension Taxation   It is commonly known that Tax Authorities… read more

Retire in Kenya

Kenya has picturesque white sandy beaches like Thailand and it is marvellous country with rich experiences in food, culture and music among others. That’s why many people choose to retire in Kenya as a foreigner. If you choose so, you must choose your tax advisor/lawyer wisely in order to avoid interruptions to your relaxed lifestyle!… read more

Setting up a Business in Mainland China

Given China’s vast population and emerging middle class, its market potentials are a huge opportunity for a having a business in China. Better still, China is maintaining its commitment to further open up its market and boost inbound foreign investments. Whilst China’s economic reform and opening-up policies began 40 years ago, its economic performance is… read more

Share Option & Award Gains Tax in Hong Kong

Employers that would like their employees to stay with the company for a long time and/or want their employees to achieve certain performance targets, may offer those employees (conditional) shared-based benefits, such as share options and share awards. Employees need to be award of the share option taxation system in the jurisdiction. One has to… read more

Hong Kong Tax on Investment Income

Hong Kong is one of the most attractive places in the world to generate investment income using securities, such as shares, bonds, funds, futures and options. It is also very common for employers and startup to offer stock options and share awards to employees. As a result, typical questions that may arise are related to… read more


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