Tax Planning in Hong Kong, Mainland China & Asia

Tax planning is relevant for individuals and companies alike who wish to mitigate tax liabilities as well as plan ahead for the payment of those. Such planning is also part of tax management and it is a key facet of estate planning. It is important to be aware that proper tax planning is beneficial to […]


Cultural Differences in Aggressive Tax Planning

Some of these jurisdictions including Mainland China are not accustomed yet to take tax advice or even willing to pay for tax advice, as they think that nominees/third party structures are sufficient and are convinced that they are able to stay out of the hands of the relevant tax authorities. This may fall into the […]

IR6167 form hong kong IRD

IR6167 Form: Notification of Salaries Tax

The Hong Kong tax system operates on a territorial source principle, applying to individuals who earn employment income/director’s fees (Salaries Tax), rental income (Property Tax), or business profits (Profits Tax) from within its jurisdiction. This taxation applies irrespective of whether one is a tax resident of Hong Kong. Salaries Tax Liability If you are an […]