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Individual Tax Return Filing 2020/21

The Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department or simply the Hong Kong Tax Authority (“IRD”) has now issued the year 2020/21 individual (salaries) tax returns (yes, that green envelope) for completion. We would like to offer you some individual tax return tips on your individual tax Return filing 2020/21. Tax Exemption Claims for Individual Tax Returns […]


Tax Demand Note

A tax demand note is a tax assessment issued by the Inland Revenue Department (“IRD”) to any person who is chargeable to tax under the Inland Revenue Ordinance (“IRO”). Upon receipt of a tax demand note from the IRD, one should carefully review the information contained therein. Neglection of a tax demand note may lead […]


Mitigation of Taxes for Expats in Hong Kong

One of their major concerns of relocations to Hong Kong is taxes for expats. These expatriates are usually concerned about their individual tax position and exposures, not only in Hong Kong itself, but also in foreign tax jurisdiction(s) such as their home country. In particular, they may wonder whether there are any possible ways to […]

global mobility & taxation - HKWJ Tax Law

Global Mobility Issues from a Corporate & Income Tax Perspective

Global mobility has allowed more and more companies to request their personnel to carry out work duties outside the companies’ home tax jurisdiction. In the past, most working arrangements abroad were rather permanent, nowadays jobs are also performed on an assignment/secondment basis or on a commuter basis or even as a combination of these latter […]

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