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Mainland China income tax - HKWJ Tax Law

Mainland China Individual Income Tax for Foreigners

As a result of an increase of foreign investments in Mainland China and a strong demand for foreign talents by local Mainland Chinese companies, many foreigners are working nowadays either permanently or temporarily in Mainland China. These foreigners are advised to plan ahead or revise their employment/assignment arrangements in Mainland China and also their remuneration […]

property market stamp duty - HKWJ Tax Law

Housing Benefits & Allowance in Hong Kong

Housing benefits received by directors/employees from employers or the employers’ affiliated corporations are generally subject to salaries tax in Hong Kong unless an offshore/exemption claim on their directors’ fees/employment income can be satisfied. However, the salaries tax can be potentially mitigated in most circumstances in case the housing benefits are provided in the form of […]

Money laundyr bank regulations - HKWJ Tax Law

Tightening the Control on Banks Against Money Laundering

Tax evasion and money laundering have been major concerns to most of the governments for years. In order to strengthen the control over money laundering activities through the banks, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (the ‘HKMA’) has recently requested the banks in Hong Kong to closely look into the tax position of their clients, such […]